Personal Illustration

Occasionally I get some spare time to relax and do a little bit of drawing at home. Maybe it'll be about a book or film I’m into ...but more likely just some fan art for the most recent game I've played.

Old Blood

Beasts all over the shop and trapped in Yharnam on the night of the hunt, under the moon's presence. Delve deeper and the cosmos will reveal the Eldritch abominations, beyond human comprehension, that it has been hiding.

Castle Nest

Abandon all hope and the castle too, it belongs to her now. Towers and battlements crumble as new life is forged in the white-hot fires of a nest made in scorched rubble and melted steel.


Completely silent and white with red eyes, the same colours as a Weirwood tree. The connection is strong here, beyond the wall in the Haunted Forest. If the temperature drops further the bond could become even closer.

Little Sister

“No Gods or Kings, only man” here, leagues under the sea. Life-or-death choices, moral and philosophical decisions. Are you helping the Little Sisters or are they helping you? Be careful Big Daddy doesn't find out.

Big Tree

A hot, dry, summer looking out for signs of fire in the Wyoming wilderness. South of Ruby River is a distinctive landmark. Alone in the woods, you can feel the presence of something more than just the Big Tree.

Forbidden Planet

Every star in the sky is a sun in an uncharted solar system in a galaxy you can visit, go where no man has gone before. Explore strange new worlds populated by previously undiscovered alien species.