The Forbidden Corner

Website Design / Illustrations / Brand

The Forbidden Corner is an eccentric and enchanted garden folly turned visitor attaction. I designed and built them a website to capture that spirit, with some vibrant illustrations and branding along the way.

The Strangest Place

The Forbidden Corner call themselves “The Strangest Place In The World” and wanted their website to represent that. I designed and built them an unconventional and vibrant website with a horizontal parallax effect within the colourful header illustration.

Inviting Exploration

The Forbidden Corner's unique atmosphere makes exploration magical for visiting kids. I added a horizontal parallax effect to the website illustration when the browser is resized to add depth and life and hint at what lies inside.

Finding Time

The Forbidden Corner also required a new, user-friendly booking experience. I designed this booking page to guide interested visitors through the process in a clear and understandable way.

Creating The Brand

As well as designing the logo and it’s variations, I also created a brand delivery template to help the clients understand the process. Below are some extracts from the presentation template during the development phase.